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We thank you for visiting our website, but do you know what the “Caminhos da Mantiqueira” Touristic Circuit is?

Tourist circuits are regional governance instances established by the tourism secretariat of the Government of Minas Gerais, which brings together cities of the same region with cultural, social, environmental and economic affinities that are associated to organize and develop the regional tourism activity on a sustainable way.

 The “Caminhos da Mantiqueira” Touristic Circuit brings together 13 cities from a spectacular region. A place full of steep mountains, where the culture and good hospitality of the people are present in each of the little details.

 The “Caminhos da Mantiqueira” Tourist Circuit, founded on December 13, 2001, is an entity registered as a Private Law Entity, with financial and administrative autonomy. Membership is made up of City Halls, companies, self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs. In 2006 the “Caminhos da Mantiqueira” Tourist Circuit received the Certificate of Recognition, as apt to participate in the Tourism Development Policy of the Government of Minas Gerais.

 The main objective of the “Caminhos da Mantiqueira” Tourist Circuit is to foment the professionalism of the regional tourism in order to stimulate and strengthen the tourist flow in the cities, generating jobs, income and contributing to the improvement of the life quality in the communities involved. The circuit coordinates the survey of tourist inventory, guides the products formatting, capacitates the professionals whom works in the sector through sector diagnostics, workshops, business consulting and technical missions.

We highlight, among the rich characteristics of the region, its strong gastronomic identity. “Pastel de milho”, trout, quince, coffee and “pé-de-moleque” are just some of the products made here and so appreciated. Being the last one, including Intangible Heritage of the State of Minas Gerais.

Our region is also known for its characteristic feasts, which are already known by all the surrounding territories. Culture, gastronomy, religion and literature are constant themes of our festivities and we are more than flattered to receive your visit on our website, but we extend the invitation to our region also.

Come here and see the endless beauties connected by the “Mantiqueira” Paths.